Tasted Like Winter


Tasted Like Winter

Written By: IJaggys

Kim Mingyu & Han Cheonsa| Ficlet – English – Fluff – Romance | PG|



Her kiss tasted like winter, and I knew the seasons had changed and things would never be the same again.




Han Cheonsa had the prettiest chocolate eyes.

The type that you get sucked into when you look at them for too long. The type that was golden in the sunlight, but dark on a cloudy day.

And when she looked at you, she held a smirk in her eyes, the type that you know would get you into deep trouble. But you didn’t mind it, after all, every second with her was an adventure, no matter how bad the consequences.

So when she asked me out on a date, I was truly surprised I couldn’t believe my fate, I was truly mesmerized.

Her hair was thick, brown, and smooth, no matter how many times she said “It’s too coarse, it’s too unruly.” would never change the lively lions mane. It twisted and kinked at the oddest of places, but would always curl neatly in your hands.

The soft voice whenever she called my name, sings to my ear.

“Kim Mingyu, I’m not a good human. I don’t mean to say I’m a bad person, rather that I’m not wired right. I’m not good at being human.”

Her skin was soft to the touch and she never wore nail polish. “I just don’t have time for it,” She would say, “And I hate wearing lipstick.” But truth be told, she’s got the most beautiful plump lips you’ve ever tasted.

Her corny jokes were terrible, but it never failed to send me into a fit of laughter. When she sneezed she flinched, and when she hiccuped she jumped. She always tucked her hair behind her ears and when it got too annoying, it would always be heaped up onto of her head.

She had a bad habit of biting off the ends of her pens, and she could never stop herself from buying stickers. Her sarcasm was endless and the amount of witty comebacks never ended. A conversation with her was never a boring conversation.

Her hugs were warm and tight, the type that you would never want to leave. She was a slight show-off, proud of her talents and a little more competitive than the average.

She had a gorgeous smile, one that would loop you in as if she was telling you a secret. And when she laughed, it was sunshine and flowers and butterflies and every good thing you could imagine in the world.

When we kissed, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

Her kiss tasted like winter, and I knew the seasons had changed and things would never be the same again. Spring wouldn’t come this time.

And then she smiled, her sunny eyes crinkling at the edges and her awkward laugh like the wind on a sunny day.

I love her.

I love Han Cheonsa so much.










a/n: hi its ijaggys! Xo bahasa’s ver will air on next week!


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