About Han Cheonsa


She’s the original character for catshires. The character of Han Cheonsa first born in late 2010, it means SIX YEARS ago before Cheonsa’s name was a huge like nowadays where everyone sees Cheonsa’s name as mainstream and the list goes on.



Han Cheonsa has this strong dynamic with the famous line of Ocean’s eyes and Nylon Brown Hair. She’s the arrogant one, and the Queen Bee. She comes from royal’s family in Kensington, and love being recognized as role model of her own.

In past six years, Han Cheonsa was copied to lots of original character. Do you think that rich beautiful arrogant girl-trends came out of nowhere? Nope, it’s IJaggys who started all.

As today, Han Cheonsa is now a main pairing character to every stories from IJaggys. Would be delighted if there’s any chance in future.



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