[iKON On Crack Series] Valentine Comercial


Written By: IJaggys

Valentine Comercial

iKON Members | Han Cheonsa [OC]

iKON On Crack Series | Humour

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“Hey Manajer, semenjak kau baru saja kehilangan Hanbin dan Cheonsa untuk membintangi iklanmu, bagaimana jika aku dan Taylor yang membintangi iklanmu untuk Valentine?”


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Welcoming Home



Hi this is me IJaggys, welcome to my new home. It contains thing I love. With a tear wiped away, I have to confirm that I am no longer writing about Super Junior nor related topics. 

However you can still find me on beckhamlovesbadda for reading the last merely stories about Super Junior. 

I decided to open new url for iKON | Seventeen | Probably Winner | And random things I love.

I’m still here, IJaggys you’ve known for—but this time, it’s IJaggys with new home.