iKON On Crack Series


iKON Members 

Humour | Romantic Comedy | Brothership

Runtime: Ficlet-Series

Status: On Going.

Story about iKON Members set in Alternate Universe where Hanbin loves Polly Pocket so much, Bobby obsessed with his favorite cover girl, Junhoe adores The Little Mermaid, Yunhyeong runs a beauty blog about lipbalm, and Chanwoo has duckling pet named after Taylor Swift. Together, they face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.


Beauty Blogger Yunhyeong


Yunhyeong | iKON Members | Han Cheonsa


Runtime: Ficlet Series

Status: Completed.

Still related with iKON On Crack Series, Yunhyeong takes the turn for running his beauty-blog after getting bunch of lipbalm’s brand from Cheonsa. But it’s not simple as it seems, when Junhoe, Bobby, and Hanbin are getting way too involved.




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